"Keeping the Workforce Drug-Free"

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F & R Services has been helping parents understand drug abuse and the effect drugs can have on their kids. Our kids are often telling parents that peer pressure make them do things that can hurt them just to fit in. We as parents must know that our kids are getting bombarded with messages about drugs in songs and movies. A study of the most popular songs found that about: 1 in 3 songs said something about drugs, alcohol, or tobacco use, and 3 in 4 rap songs said something about drugs, alcohol, or tobacco use. A study has also found that the top 90 movies over the last two decades, almost 7 in 10 movies showed characters smoking and 1 in 3 movies showed people getting drunk. We as parents need to get the fact and teach our kids to make their own wise decisions.  We all must help fight DRUGS in our school, in our home and in our neighborhood. We all must convince a child  who is using drugs that they may be at risk for addiction or other bad consequences even though they feel fine right now. Knowing what we do now, would you make a donation to help save a child from drugs? Your donation will help fund substance abuse counseling and drug testing services for our youth.

                 DRUG FACTS FOR STUDENTS HERE!                                                         TEENS, GET YOUR DRUG FACTS HERE!